Wetter Water: The Role of Micro-clustering

Water MoleculeWater, also referred to as “The Solvent of Life” is necessary for all biological functioning to take place. This is what makes water so essential for health because literally every cell, tissue, and organ requires it to function. Many of us are aware that water is H2O, 2 Hydrogen atoms bonded to 1 Oxygen, but were you aware that the water molecules themselves can arrange together to form larger cluster sizes. Because of the affinity of hydrogen and oxygen, the element of water forms larger molecular clusters, which can determine how absorbable that water is in our trillions of cells and our tissues. The larger the cluster, the less absorbable, the smaller, the more absorbable that water is.

One of the benefits of having water from a Chanson machine is that the water is what we call “Micro-clustered”. This means that the water molecules are in smaller more optimal cluster sizes, making it easier for the human body and cells to assimilate. This supports our entire biological functioning, including metabolism, oxygenation, and hydration.

Chanson Water Molecule is Literally Wetter Water

The size of water molecule clusters is measured scientifically on a Hz scale The smaller the Hz the smaller the cluster size, means the more hydrating that water is for our cells. Here is a list of the Hz measurement of various waters. Cluster size is measured using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.

Comparison of Various Water Types by NMR

Water Type

  • Chanson Ionized Water
  • Penta Water™
  • Vitalizer Plus™ Water
  • VIVO™ Water
  • Spring Water – Korea
  • Evian Spring Water
  • Mineral Water
  • Well Water
  • Mountain Water
  • Distilled Water
  • Rain Water
  • Tap Water
  • USA Spring Water
  • Reverse Osmosis Purified Water
  • Water

NMR Half Linewidth (Hz)

  • 47.82
  • 55.1
  • 63.60
  • 63.75
  • 68.50
  • 82.60
  • 94.00
  • 105
  • 116
  • 118
  • 119
  • 120
  • 122
  • 142

Tap Water from Taiwan

Ionized Alkaline Water from the Chanson PL735 (Miracle) Ionizer

The typical water you will drink is in clusters of 10 or more. Chanson structured micro-clustered water is grouped in a hexagonal 6 molecule shape. This reduced shape is was makes Chanson water exceptional in its ability to efficiently penetrate cells and membranes. This smaller size is what makes Chanson water “Wetter” than regular water.

Our body is always striving to maintain its balance, in our blood, tissues, organs, and systems. The blood itself, the Red Blood Cell and the fluid that surrounds that cells, also referred to as the ECM Extra-Cellular Matrix is of the highest importance to maintaining health in the body. All of our cells, tissues, and fluids have to maintain metabolism, hormones, assimilation of nutrients, and the elimination of waste-products, dead cells, and acid wastes. Water is essential for this process. The way the body deals with this is through the 4 channels of elimination, Urination, Defecation, Respiration, and Perspiration. Sometimes these wastes solidify in the body as cholesterol, fatty acids, kidney stones, and other buildups in the tissues and interstitial fluid. These things tend to settle in the weakest areas of the body.

The accumulation of these acids in the body is what accelerates aging and disease processes. In addition to this are environmental and lifestyle factors, chemicals, heavy metals, our sleep cycle, processed foods, smoking, and alcohol.

Drinking Chanson structured micro-clustered water gives our body a more hydrating water, which will give our body, our cells, tissues, organs, and systems the best fuel in order to clear the waste, cellular debris and maintain optimal functioning. Alkaline Ionized Micro-clustered Structured Water is the best environment for giving the body what it needs to live in this toxic world.

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