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Introducing the Water Dove: Whole House Water Filter and Water Softener

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Water Filtration

Savor the taste of pure clean H20 with our advanced water filtration systems. Designed to remove harmful contaminants and provide fresh pure water from your tap, our systems deliver delicious clean water in every drop.

Whole House Filtration

Experience the confidence of all-around protection with our comprehensive whole-house filtration systems. Every faucet, every shower, and every appliance in your home will flow with the purity of expertly treated water.

Water Softening

Get rid of hard water with our advanced salt-free water softening solutions. Designed to protect your appliances, enhance detergent effectiveness, and transform your bathing and shower experience. Our systems bring silky smooth clean water into every faucet.

Salt-Free Conditioners

Our state-of-the-art salt-free water softening systems effortlessly prevent scale build up without the use of chemical salt additives. These systems are a eco-friendly green solution to your hard water challenges.

Under Sink Filtration

Take your drinking water to the next level of purity with our cutting-edge high-efficiency water filtration systems. By eliminating harmful contaminants, and retaining beneficial minerals, we ensure that every glass of water you pour is pure and clean.

Water Ionizers

Access an entirely new level of structured water for your family with our water ionizing solutions. Gain the health benefits of hydrogen rich alkaline water with over 1000 peer reviewed studies, great for drinking, cooking, and soaking foods. The acidic water is for skin care, non-toxic cleaning, disinfecting, and beyond.

Service Areas

At Chanson Naturals, we’re proud to bring our top-quality water filtration services to throughout Southern California. Our service area extends to key locations and their surrounding counties, ensuring as many Southern California residents as possible can access clean, safe water.

Whether you’re based in San Diego County, Del Mar, Encinitas, or Carlsbad, or all the way down to the border, or if you are in Orange County, Los Angeles, or the Inland Empire — we’ve got you covered.

Our dedicated team of water wellness experts is always ready and eager to bring our affordable and effective solutions to your door. At Chanson Naturals, we believe that everyone deserves access to fresh, clean, healthy water, and we are committed to making this a reality across the region.

About Us

At Chanson Naturals, our mission is to provide pure clean drinking water to families across Southern California. We are a passionate, California-based company dedicated to ensuring every household has access to the purest, cleanest water possible. Locally owned, we have been specializing in installing high-quality water filtration systems in residential homes for many years.

We understand California’s unique water quality challenges and needs. We offer comprehensive, custom tailored solutions, utilizing advanced filtration technologies to transform ordinary tap water into safe, life-supporting H2O.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering and our industry-leading expertise makes us the preferred choice for families seeking healthier, better-tasting water. At Chanson Naturals, we’re not just improving your water — we’re supporting your wellness, one drop at a time.

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