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Water Dove Whole House Filter

Your skin is your largest organ! Chemicals in your homes water supply have been proven toxic and harmful to our health and easily absorb into our skin. Even if you don’t drink your tap water, you shower and bath in it, you cook with it, you wash your clothes and bedding in it, you rinse your produce in it, you constantly wash your hands in it, and you use it for your pets and plants. 

Systems starting at $2,495.00

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More effective and hassle-free solutions for improving your water’s quality and taste.

Extreme Filtration of harmful contaminants while eliminating hard water scale on your pipes and plumbing fixtures

Time-saving advantages of never having to purchase salt, chemicals or replacement filter

Requires no maintenance or filters to be replaced for
12 years

Eliminate scale, protecting plumbing and fixtures, saving you big $$$ over time.

Product Details

A five-minute hot shower can allow chemicals like Chlorine, Chloramine, pesticides, and heavy metals into your body and a 15-minute bath literally makes you a sponge absorbing them into your system. Even wearing clothes washed in chemical water is on your skin all day and night.


  • What if we could improve the water in your home to the point where showers, baths, washed clothes, even drinking water was safe again and at the same time make your homes water an emergency supply that can be used even when bottled water is gone from the store shelves?
  • What if we could also eliminate hard water scale in your pipes and appliances with no chemicals, salt, or maintenance ever?
  • What if we could prove to you that our maintenance free system is not only affordable but pays for itself and then saves money ongoing?

There are many alternative products and gimmicks  on the market that claim to solve the problem, but none have the history, testing, track record, certifications or the performance of the Water Dove Whole House Salt free Softener and Extreme Filtration system from Chanson Naturals.

  1. Extreme filtration removing chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals and other harmful contaminants that most carbons cannot!
  2. Safe and healthy baths and showers for you and your family.
  3. Uses no Carbon!!!  Carbon media has been shown to be inferior for whole house applications. 
  4. Completely safe for YOU, your plumbing system and all appliances.
  5. Gently cleanse entire plumbing system and appliances like dishwasher, washing machine, hot water heater, all valves in the house etc.
  6. Scale Elimination is permanent and never needs maintenance.
  7. Filtration last up to 12 years with low replacement cost- 
  8. Increased effectiveness of laundry soap, shampoos and bar soaps.
  9. Reduction in chemical cleaners needed, shorten cleaning times and effort.
  10. Protects plumbing and fixtures giving big $ savings over time.
  11. 0 electricity needed – keeps working during power outages.
  12. 0 wasted water-No back flushing or drain required.
  13. 0 monthly maintenance- No filters to replace, salt or potassium to buy or service men needed.
  14.  USA manufactured using NSF certified components.

Learn the Joys of having scale free water in your home without the slimy feeling of salted water while protecting your investment. Your homes endless water supply is one of your greatest Assets, let us perfect it for you.  Additionally, Chanson Water has a large selection of Medicinal water ionizers and under sink drinking water filters to further perfect your water. Our Filtration systems can easily provide better than bottled water quality for pennies on the dollar. 

Imagine not having to haul cases of bottled water or pay expensive delivery fees.

For Green and Health conscience homes you cant beat a Chanson filtration system.

Call us for a quick and easy price quote, you’ll be thrilled you did.

Protect Your Home

Protect Your Health

Protect The Environment

Protect Your Appliances

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Hypurkleen Triple Filter​


This one of a kind 3-stage water filter technology provides superior pure water for the everyday needs of your family or office.The Hypurkleen™ is the perfect pre-filter giving optimal filtration and flow-rate, removing 99.9% of contaminants.


New Twist-Lock Technology for Easy Filter Replacement

Compressed Carbon Block Technology

A whole new level of water filtration technology

Smart Features

Bottled/drinking water is one of the most overpriced expenses we have today. People spend from $400 to $1200+ per year depending on family size and type of water. There is also costs to get the water and bring it home.



Water Dove Whole House Filter​


This environmentally friendly solution uses a catalytic/magnetic process and a special media to transform harmful products in your water including hardness, chlorine, lead, chromium and other heavy metals into harmless ions.


Makes your soap and detergents last longer

Reduces bathtub rings

Prevents growth of microbial contaminants

Smart Features

This field is able to hold the hardness crystals as a suspended solid for up to 72 hours.  When a suspended solid, the hardness in the water will not attach to plumbing fixtures or any appliance in your home/business that uses water.

Price Range

Systems starting at $2,495.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Water Dove does not use a second tank with softener resin to do the job, this is what 90% of the competitors use and we used to sell those as well, We switched to our current system because its vastly superior and works forever. (scale elimination) The resins usually lose performance around year 4. There are electronic systems that wrap around the pipe, these do work, but are far less effective than the Water Dove and need the electricity to work, they do nothing to filter. There’s a system on TV all the time now called N…O (full spelling omitted for legal reasons) this system needs filters replaced every 3 months and is no where near the effectiveness as ours, customer complaints on this product are tremendous.

Absolutely and in most cases the install price will be minimal since you’ve had the plumbing in place for the tanks..

Yes, but for install cost reasons its best to install the system closest to where the main water feed enters your house. For some that’s in the garage and others its where your main water shut off valve is.

As far as filtration goes its within a day or two depending on how big the house is and the scale elimination takes from 2 -12 weeks depending on the age of your house, customers report noticing the difference on their first shower.

Yes, customers report and endless list of skin and hair improvements, from dry itchy skin, frizzy hair, thinning hair, dry hair, flaking skin, rashes and many more, especially for children and those who soak in baths.

Usually takes about 3 hours, your homes water will need to be shut off for about 1-2  hours, you can schedule a convenient time for this.

Our tanks are USA made of the highest quality, the life expectancy  is around 25 years,Tanks can be replaced for a much smaller cost than the original purchase if needed.

Absolutely, Chloramines and a very toxic chemical and have no chlorine smell so you don’t even know they are their, Most carbon filters cannot even reduce chloramines, the Water Dove removes Chloramines with our KDF media.

We have custom systems for well water, please give us a call so we can get the info needed for a quote for you..

No, neither does any whole house filter system, even reverse osmosis. The Water Dove removes the most toxic chemicals and makes the water safe for showers, baths 

And general use, we highly recommend adding our Hypurkleen triple filter under the kitchen sink to perfect your drinking and cooking water.

Most whole house systems need electricity, The Water Dove operates perfectly without electricity.

Yes, from every sink, bath and shower the water tastes similar to bottled water but we recommend using our Hypurkleen triple filter under the kitchen sink for your main drinking water source.

Water Dove tanks are sized on a few factors, the size of the home, the amount of bathrooms and the number of people living in the house, We custom make each system that is perfect for your home, just give us a call or email and we will get you a quick quote.

We can easily ship anywhere in the USA for a reasonable shipping fee.

Any plumber can easily install the system and we offer on phone support for any questions your plumber may have.

Unless you have experience with copper pipe and or major plumbing jobs we wouldn’t recommend you install yourself.

Not at all, we size the tank perfectly for your home, most customers report better flow rates after a few months due to the existing scale being removed.

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