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Hypurkleen 2 Year Filter Package

This one of a kind 3-stage water filter technology provides superior pure water for the everyday needs of your family or office.The Hypurkleen™ is the perfect pre-filter giving optimal filtration and flow-rate, removing 99.9% of contaminants.

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Make a move that will save you big money for the rest of your life!!!

3 large filters all working to support each other

Filter #1 removes all sediment, 
rust, and particles

Filter #2 is a new kind of carbon from coconut shells and bamboo

Filter #3, the super compressed carbon block with silver wrap membrane

Product Details


  • Save big on time and effort
  • Improve the health of you and your family
  • Help the planet stay clean and green

Make a move that will save you big money for the rest of your life!!!

Bottled/drinking water is one of the most overpriced expenses we have today. People spend from $400 to $1200+ per year depending on family size and type of water. There is also costs to get the water and bring it home.

Eliminate time and effort

You can eliminate the time and effort spent hauling water and doubling your household trash or having loud polluting trucks come to your home to deliver heavy jugs that you still need to haul around.

Help the planet in a fast and dramatic way

There are millions of tons per day of toxic plastic bottles flooding our oceans and landfills, the energy and chemicals needed to make these bottles are extremely toxic to our environment.

Hypurkleen™ is the result of decades of research and a team of experts working together to create the world’s best water filtration system.

Hypurkleen™ is 3 large filters all working to support each other, the #1 filter removes all sediment, rust, and particles, from the water and protects #2. Filter #2 is a new kind of carbon from coconut shells and bamboo that are compressed into a solid block, this carbon performs up to 1000x better than average granulated carbon filter. Filter #2 protects #3.

Filter #3, the super compressed carbon block with silver wrap membrane. This carbon is so compressed even tiny parasites, molds and fungus cannot get thru it and the silver wrap prevents bacteria from growing on the filter. Hypurkleen™ filters are certified by the most respected water safety organization in the world- NSF.

Under sink water filters have historically been a nightmare to install and change, needing special wrenches, separate faucets, and bulky tanks. Hypurkleen™ filters get changed 1 time per year only and do not require a separate faucet, or special tools to change.

In the past people in apartments or renting could not install under sink water filters, Hypurkleen™ can be installed in under 30 minutes directly to the cold-water line under the sink and easily removed when you move. No holes to drill no faucets to install, we make it super easy. Once installed simply turn on your cold-water faucet as normal for the perfect water.

Better Features

Environmentally Conscious

Best Bustomer Service

Backed by Science

Frequently Asked Questions

ORP is the electrical charge needed to reduce or slow down oxidization (decay). Alkaline water must have a negative ORP in order to be considered beneficial to drink. ORP provides the ability to reduce oxygen’s ability to oxidize. ORP can be measured through an electronic hardware device. A negative ORP value (meaning a surplus of electrons) in ionized alkaline water is evidence of its antioxidant power.

The negative charge/-ORP will last approximately 24 hours after. Therefore, it’s ideal that you drink the water as soon as possible. The water WILL retain its positive PH and micro clustering for up to 6-8 weeks.

Chanson ionized alkaline water is micro-clustered, alkaline, ionized, structured, electrolyzed, and reduced. Learn more to see our micro-cluster report. The pH and Micro-clustering last 6-8 weeks!

Values and quality of alkaline water will vary from region to region due to differences in source water. In cases where local water has excess minerals, the taste may be affected, or the alkaline water produced may have too high of a pH level.

Since water pressure from the faucet affects the production of alkaline water, it is important to confirm that genuine alkaline water is being produced by regularly checking that it is set to the correct pH level and checking for small bubbles.

The process of osmosis literally strips the water of ALL minerals, which are the primary key to electrolysis. The solution is to add a remineralization cartridge between your RO system and your Chanson Water  Ionizer.

In the case of infants under one year old, the intestinal movement is generally different from adults since breast milk or milk is the only thing they consume. Therefore, the use of alkaline ionized water is not encouraged until the infant begins to consume more sophisticated foods. In any case, alkaline water should not be used to make formula for infants. Use the purified water (pH 7) setting instead.

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