What Does Chanson Water Do For Your Body?

Chanson Water - Chanson Alkaline Water Machines

What Does Chanson Water Do For Your Body?

  • Hydrates your body on a cellular level, Chanson Water is “Wetter Water”. What this means is that it is “Micro-clustered” so that the water molecule structure is smaller in size and is able to penetrate the cellular membrane more efficiently. This means that it hydrates better than regular water.

  • Has a High Negative ORP. ORP stands for Oxidation-Reduction Potential, this is the Antioxidant value of the water, this means that Chanson Water is better at neutralizing Free Radicals. Free Radicals are what cause Oxidative Stress in the body.

Other Benefits of Using Chanson Water

  • Supports healthy digestion and elimination of toxins.

  • Flushes the body and tissues of acidic waste products.

  • Promotes healthy sleep patterns, weight loss, and energy.

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