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Chanson Miracle M.A.X. Revolution (9-Plate Commercial Ionizer)

The Chanson Miracle M.A.X. Revolution is our most powerful 9-plate light-duty commercial ionizer, creating superior structured living water for your home or office.

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Create Four Types of Alkaline Water, Three Types of Acidic Water, with it's Powerful 9-Titanium Plates!

Himalayan rock salt injection
 system for an ionizer!

Chanson Miracle M.A.X. Makes Some of the Highest and Lowest pH Levels of Any Ionizer Ranges

Onboard Flow Control Valve and Micro-Adjustable pH Settings

Excellent Flow Rate 1/2 Gallon (2 Liters) Per Minute

Product Details

The Chanson Miracle M.A.X. Revolution is our most powerful 9-plate light-duty commercial ionizer, creating superior structured living water for your home or office. This unit is unique because it can be installed under the sink, with a regular faucet, or it can sit counter-top. It creates four types of alkaline water, three types of acidic water, with it’s powerful 9-titanium plates!

Smart Design. Beautifully designed device with voice control that will provide a pleasant experience and feel in the kitchen for you and your customers. The Miracle MAX Revolution ionizer consists of 9 large platinum coated plates. It presents an elegant design combined with excellent performance.
Superior Electronics. Two onboard CPUs provide flawless operation and control. Nine (9) solid titanium electrodes provide the best conductivity in the smallest package. ASTM grade 1 titanium with Chanson exclusive platinum-clan coating. thanks to the quality of manufacturing the Chanson electrodes will provide top performance for many years.

Patented in-mold panel design. UV and scratch resistant. It is fully waterproof, easy to clean and contains all control functions. Strong alkaline water (water with a high ph value) the Miracle Max revolution is able to make ultra-strong alkaline water. Simply add calcium powder into the built-in mineral port.

Small size, great performance. Chanson’s ionizers are one of the smallest ionizers on today’s market yet with an outstanding performing ability beyond comparison. At Chanson, we are proud to say that our ionizers have the best conductivity thanks to the platinum electrodes that consume only 150w and provide great performance. High wattage isn’t always a guarantee of high performance.

Adjustment of the appliance. At Chanson, we are aware that to reach the best results we have to address one important factor which is different in every household and that is water quality. The Miracle MAX Revolution allows you to adjust it to your own water quality in your household. Ph level and tds (total dissolved solids also known as water hardness) are among those that you can also adjust your appliance to. The ionizer is also equipped with the function to control the remaining life of the filter.

Auto self-cleaning function. The Miracle MAX Revolution has the smartest and the most effective cleaning system on the market. It prevents accumulation of scale on the electrodes of the ionizer and considerably extends facilities of the appliance. The technology ensures utmost performance by removing all particles which could enter the ionizing area. The appliance will provide safe and flawless service for many years. This patented system also ensures that acidic water, which is also produced by the ionizer, won’t be drunk by accident.

Auto shut off function. Chanson ionizers have an automatic shut off function which prevents the appliance from damaging itself or your household. The device is automatically shut off after 15 minutes of not being used.

Flow rate detection and heat sensor. The sophisticated system of control mechanisms prevents possible internal damage. Audio and visual alarms notify you in the case of low flow or it’s possible overheating.

Locking of the control panel. Lock key of the control panel enables you to set the pH value of the water (to be made by the ionizer) which can be again altered only by yourself. Lock function prevents kids and elders from accidentally drinking acidic water or strong alkaline water.

On-board filter (PJ-6000). For all its appliances Chanson uses high-quality fiber wrapped activated carbon filter PJ-6000 manufactured in japan. The basis of the PJ-6000 is a fiber gained from the skin of coconuts. The gained activated carbon is formed and connected with the synthetic fiber. As a result, the PJ-6000 maintains its ability to reduce chlorine and at the same time a high level of absorption capacity. The PJ-6000 is designed with the emphasis on maximum antibacterial effect which lasts the whole life of the filter.

Selection of 8 levels of water quality. 4 selections of alkaline water, 1 neutral, and 3 selections of acidic water.

Miracle M.A.X. Revolution SPECIFICATION

MACHINE SIZEUNIT 247 / 140 / 305 (L / D / H / MM)
PH RANGEPH 2.7 – 11.3
INPUT230V/50HZ; 110V/60HZ
PJ-8000 (formerly the PJ-7000) catalytic activated carbon filter, silver-impregnated with twist-lock technology for easier replacement.
Product Description
  • Addresses lead and heavy metal ions from old plumbing.
  • Absorbs 20 times more than regular activated carbon.
  • Because of the high-density surface area of the catalytic activated carbon, it is very efficient at addressing contaminants such as chlorine, chloramines, THMs, VOCs, molds, bleach, organics, parasites, taste, and odor among others.
  • Its 1 micron silver-impregnated catalytic activated carbon provides protection against bacteria
Due to a special technology process, it has a 150 times larger filter area than comparable activated carbon filters on the market. It has 10 times faster absorption ability compared to conventional activated carbon filters. It is highly effective in removing fluorine from the water. It features great absorption of chemical substances. Its antibacterial effect is due to silver-impregnated activated carbon fibers.

Better Features

Environmentally Conscious

Best Bustomer Service

Backed by Science

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Smart Features

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