The Hazards of Breathing Chlorine Vapor

The Hazards of Breathing Chlorine Vapor One of the major health problems associated with chlorine in the water supply is the inhalation of chlorine vapor. This can easily happen through the daily use of water for cooking, cleaning, washing produce, as well as from taking baths and showers in the home. This is one of […]

The Amazing Health Benefits of Hypochlorous Acid

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One of the most overlooked and under-appreciated benefits of Chanson Water Ionizers is contained in the Acidic Water that they create. This water has so many powerful every-day uses ranging from skin, hair care, and oral health to cleaning, disinfecting, and beyond. The reason has to do with a very special chemical contained within it […]

Water Is Life – Water Filtration

Water Filtration

Water Is Life – Water Filtration Water Filtration in our Body – Most of us are aware of it, but we often take it for granted. Our Bodies ARE Mostly Water! Every cell, tissue, organ, gland, and system is comprised mostly of this stuff. Water is often called the universal solvent, or the solvent of […]

Cancer Prevention Benefits From Chanson Water Proven in University Research Study

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  A Brand New Study Released by the University of Rome validates the efficacy of Chanson Alkaline Water in Cancer Prevention! In the article titled, Electrochemically Reduced Water Delays Mammary Tumors Growth in Mice and Inhibits Breast Cancer Cells in Vitro led by Giovanni Vanni Frajese MD at the University of Rome, Dr. Frajese and […]

Does pH Really Matter?

pH Level

There is a lot of talks these days about pH, and the importance of water being alkaline versus acidic, but what is pH anyways and does it really matter? This article is written to answer that question. Let’s start with the basics.?it stands for the Potential of Hydrogen,?and is the scale from 0-14 that ranks […]

Water Ionizer Reviews

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WATER IONIZERS -THE SELECTION CRITERIA These are a few of the water ionizer that water expert Ronnie Ruiz has tested For some, this can seem very challenging and even frustrating. Ionized water is relatively unknown here in the USA and finding the real experts and authorities on it are like finding needles in a haystack. […]

The Water Molecule

Water, also referred to as “The Solvent of Life” is necessary for all biological functioning to take place. This is what makes water so essential for health because literally every cell, tissue, and organ requires it to function. Many of us are aware that water is H2O, 2 Hydrogen atoms bonded to 1 Oxygen, but […]