Acid Flush Cleaning Instructions

Chanson Ionizer

Over time hard water mineral buildup creates a scale on the plates of your ionizer. This is why it’s important to run an acid flush ideally every year.

There is a product you can get in the dishwashing aisle of any grocery stores called “Lemi Shine”, this is pure citric acid powder, you can use this, or any other pure citric acid powder, and you can also use white vinegar instead. It’s your choice. These are acids that will help break down any build-up of scale on your units.

  1. First open the side cover of the ionizer and remove the filter. Inside the filter cup may still be some water, put a towel down under the machine and tip over to get the cup empty. If using vinegar filled the cup with white vinegar, if using citric acid powder, pre-mix 1/2 cup of powder with a quarter cup of hot water Stir until dissolved and then poor that solution in the cup.
  2. Put the cap back on turn the ionizer on to the filtered only setting and let it run for about 20 seconds.
  3. Turn the machine off and let it sit for 1 to 2 hours. Then turn the machine on to filtered setting again and let it flush for 5 minutes straight. That’s it now you can open the cap and put the new filter in.

*For older units, especially those who this cleaning method has not been done on in more than a few years, you may need to let the machine sit with the citric acid solution overnight, and run this multiple times in order to properly clean the plates. For units 10 years and older, we recommend that you upgrade your unit. We offer special discounts for existing Chanson customers.

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