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The sad reality is that most water is dead water: Filtered water, bottled water, water filter pitchers, reverse osmosis, tap water, it doesn’t matter. The truth is that Chanson Water is different: It’s Ionized Living Water, and this has real-life implications for your health.

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Chanson Naturals is excited to share the new revolutionary under the counter, stainless steel, smart digital faucet ionizer with a sleek new design, the Chanson Miracle MAX Royale.


Chanson Naturals is excited to share the new revolutionary under the counter, stainless steel, smart digital faucet ionizer with a sleek new design, the Chanson Miracle MAX Royale.

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Your Skin is Your Largest Organ

The Most Dangerous Thing In Your Home Is Lurking In Your Pipes
Even if you don’t drink it…

A 5-minute shower can fill your body with chemicals. Just imagine what a 15-minute bath could do?

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Why is Chanson Naturals Top Rated?

Chanson Naturals is highly rated for several reasons:

  • Experience: With over 15 years of experience, Chanson Naturals has a proven track record of delivering innovative and reliable products.
  • Quality products: Our product line features premium water filtration, ionization, and related systems designed to transform tap water into clean, fresh, and revitalizing water with significant health benefits.
  • Addresses water quality issues: We address various water quality issues, including hard water, chlorine and other contaminants, and sediment, with our whole house filtration, water softening, and ionizer systems.
  • Fluoride removal: Our fluoride removal system ensures the highest quality water for you and your family.
  • Customer satisfaction: We commit to customer satisfaction and work hard to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our products and services.

All these factors have helped Chanson Naturals establish a reputation as a top-rated provider of water filtration in Encinitas, California, USA.

One of the under-appreciated benefits of Chanson Water Ionizers is contained in the Acidic Water that they create.  The reason has to do with a very special molecule.

One of the major health problems associated with chlorine in the water supply is the inhalation of chlorine vapor. This can easily happen through our daily use of water.

The Many Lives Changed by Chanson Water

We have a Chanson counter-top unit and are on City water (Toledo, OH) and use the three city prefilters. Recently, the city was unable to treat our lake Erie water and the EPA urged everyone to not drink the water. Our Chanson unit pulled us through with no sickness. I’m 78 years old and have no pains anywhere. My wife and I have been on [ionized alkaline water] about 15 months and have not even had a cold.

I recently started using the acid water for various things around the house to include cleaning, windows, and my skin. It’s really amazing how well it works and cleans. I am a total fan of The Chanson Max water ionizer for both sides of the PH scale. Thank you for such a wonderfully useful, money-saving product.

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